Terms and Conditions of Stay


  1. Office Hours of Al Marrakesh Guest House are from 7.30 am to 5 pm daily.
  2. Rates are quoted per guest, single or sharing, excluding breakfast, with check in at 14h00 and check out at 10h00. Although guests will be allocated to a specific Room Type, allocation to a named room, within a Room Type is not guaranteed. 
  3. Breakfast may be ordered before 10h00 on the preceding day, at an additional fee.
  4. A reservation is confirmed upon acceptance of a 50% deposit prior to the given expiry date, and settlement of the balance is due 30 days before check in.
  5. Payment shall be deemed to have been received, when bank clearance is complete.
  6. Only registered, paying guests are permitted on the premises.
  7. All guests are required to lodge copies of identification at reception upon check in, failing which access to Al Marrakesh Guest House may be denied. 
  8. The guest in whose name the booking and payment is made, shall be present upon check in and throughout the reservation.
  9. The reservation is not transferrable. Al Marrakesh Guest House reserves the right to refuse access to guests or ask guests to leave, without a refund, should the guest, in whose name the booking and payment is made, not be present.
  10. A dedicated guest shall be responsible to accept and return all loan items and to replace and, / or reimburse the cost of, lost and / or damaged items and / or property, prior to check out.
  11. Non-paying guests are not permitted on the premises of Al Marrakesh Guest House without pre-authorization from management within office hours, failing which the guest shall return the remote control to Management, whereupon subsequent entry and exit of guests shall be supervised by staff.
  12. A surcharge is due and payable for additional guest/(s) remaining on the premises after 20h00.
  13. A surcharge is due for early check in and / or late checkout.
  14. Items or services procured from the Guest House shall be settled in full prior to check out and / or upon presentation of an invoice.


  1. The guest will be charged a prepayment of 50% of the total price after reservation and the remaining amount in the 30 days before arrival.
  2. All reservations shall automatically expire and the cancellation policy apply unless proof of payment is received by Al Marrakesh prior to the given expiry date or, in the absence thereof, within 24 hours of booking.
  3. The guest will be charged 50% of the total price if they cancel after reservation and the total price if they cancel in the 30 days before arrival. The room will be held for one night in the event of a no show. An admin fee of R250 is applicable for processing cancellations.
  4. Failure to pay the requested Breakage Deposit (where applicable) within the given Payment Deadline will result in automatic cancelation of the reservation and forfeit of all payments.


  1. The parents of young adults and / or owners of animals are responsible to pay all replacement costs for all damaged and / or missing property and / or items  owned by Al Marrakesh Guest House.
  2. Dependant on the room type, a Breakage Deposit of R5,000 to R8,000 per room is payable by electronic funds transfer, 7 days or more prior to check in, for accommodation of young adults without parental supervision and / or animals, together with pre-authorization that Al Marrakesh Guest House deduct the cost of lost and / or damaged goods and / or property of Al Marrakesh Guest House.
  3. In the event that the Breakage Deposit is not paid by the given deadline, the reservation shall be automatically cancelled and the guest shall forfeit all payments made to date.
  4. Al Marrakesh Guest House requires owners to take responsibility for their animals and a parent or guardian to take responsibility for young adults during their accommodation at Al Marrakesh Guest House and lodge their ID and contact details with the Establishment.
  5. It is the policy of Al Marrakesh Guest House to host young adults of opposite gender in separate rooms, unless they are accompanied by their parents or are family members


  1. A dedicated Guest shall be responsible for the issued Key Set and may not, under any circumstance, give the Key Set to a third party, not checked into the applicable Guest Room.
  2. A lost or damaged Key Set poses a security risk, requires intervention by specialists, and shall incur a replacement fee of ZAR 1000.00.
  3. Upon exiting and vacating a Guest Room the dedicated Guest is responsible to activate the security alarm on the exterior door with the Guest Room Security Key and upon returning, deactivate the system using the same.
  4. Repeated activation by Guests of the security alarm system is disruptive, inconvenient and a security risk and shall lead to either (a) immediate termination of the guest’s stay without a refund or (b) the guest shall return the remote control to Management, whereupon subsequent entry and exit of guess shall be supervised by staff.
  5. A R300 fine shall be charged upon repeated activation by Guests of the security alarm system.


  1. Insurance cover for Guests and their personal effects is not provided by the Guest House and visitors are encouraged to ensure adequate cover is in place for all eventualities prior to their arrival.
  2. No smoking is permitted indoors.
  3. Linen and bath towels are allocated to each Guest Room for use in such unit only and are not to be used at the pool, beach, or otherwise off site.
  4. In consideration of other guests, noise levels shall be kept to a minimum after 20:00 and any authorized non-paying visitor shall leave the premises by 18:00, failing which a surcharge shall apply.
  5. Interaction with resident monkeys is actively discouraged and Al Marrakesh Guest House does not accept liability for incidents arising from their presence on the property.
  6. Self-catering is limited to the units named Hadika and Al Bahar where consumables are provided by, and for consumption of, the guests registered in the applicable self-catering unit.
  7. Food items shall NOT be cooked in Guest Rooms, other than the self-catering units named Hadika and Al Bahar, and shall be stored hygienically in sealed containers and / bags, in quantities that fit into the fridge and storage unit provided in the kitchenette.
  8. All personal belongings shall be kept neat and tidy if in public view and shall not be left unsupervised in public areas.
  9. Air conditioning is provided in all guest rooms for the purpose of cooling during the warm summer months and shall not be set below a minimum of 20°c. The windows and doors should be kept closed whilst the air conditioner is running. A temperature setting below 20°c or open windows and door may result in tripping or a freezing and eventual breakdown of the plant. If the AC plant malfunctions due to the negligence of the guest or failure to comply with these rules, the guest shall be responsible for the repair and / replacement costs of the plant.
  10. In order to conserve energy, air conditioners, water, lights and other electrical power consuming items are to be used in moderation and switched off whilst not actively in use. In the event that the air conditioner is not switched off after vacating a room, this shall be done on behalf of the guest, by the staff. A fee shall be levied in the event of such repeated, unnecessary running of the air conditioning unit.


Pets are only accommodated at Al Marrakesh Guest House with special written authorisation, against the following conditions;

  1. The guest is solely and fully responsible for the safety of the pet/(s) at all times.
  2. The owner and / or staff of Al Marrakesh Guest House are not liable for the pet/(s).
  3. The pet/(s) shall remain on a leash in public areas.
  4. The pet’(s) shall not be left unattended on the property
  5. The pet/(s) shall not get on the beds and / or mess on the soft furnishings.
  6. The guest shall dispose of any mess made by the dogs, on the property.
  7. The dogs shall not yap or bark on the property.
  8. The guest shall pay a R5,000 Breakable Deposit which shall be used to pay for the replacement of any damaged and / or missing items and / or property.