Snorkeling in Ballito



The coastline from Ballito to Sheffield Beach sports interesting and diverse snorkelling opportunities with coral reefs, hundreds of fish species, nudibranchs and a range of crazy critters.


Tidal Tao offer snorkelling in Ballito trips that last approximately 2 hours, dependant on preference and expertise


Beginners Feeding Frenzy: This popular trip usually starts in the morning on an outgoing tide and includes;

  • Refreshments and issue of snorkelling gear.
  • A short "skills" session on how to use the gear; remove water from the mask; move in the water and fix any problems that you may encounter.
  • A Swim while a guide points out fascinating marine life and keeps a beady eye on you 
  • You may view 20-50 species of fish; corals; a wide variety of invertebrates and big shoals swimming around. 

The experienced bubble blowers may select one of the following more advanced, unique, exploratory trips:


Night Snorkelling Safari: Not for the faint hearted! You are almost guaranteed to sight Octopus, unusual fish species and, with luck, may encounter phosphorescence ... a magical experience where the water glows around you as minute organisms light up, when disturbed.



Critter Hunting: At specific low tides you will explore secret, secluded pools where Nudibranchs, Flatworms and other rare marine life hide.



Zen Safaris: Medicine for the soul! Enjoy an hour relaxing in nature, intrigued by the life of a quiet, secluded rock pool. Limited to 2 people. 


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